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 About PARADOX :

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The Company History and Goals
Personalized Service, Innovative Technology Since 1989
     At Paradox Security Systems, the mission is to provide our customers with personalized service while manufacturing innovative and advanced security and control products.

     We see our customers, ourselves, and our suppliers, as one group committed to each other to be one team – with one goal.

     As a private company, we are not driven by short term profit/stock pricing, but to be the best at what we do, while enjoying and fulfilling our customer’s wishes and listening to their feedback. With over 10% of income reinvested in R&D, Paradox will always concentrate on updating our products to adapt to changing technologies and standards of living.

     Since 1989, these goals have driven the development of revolutionary products; starting in 1989 with an impressive line of motion detectors, followed by burglar security control panels in 1994, and the DIGIPLEX series encrypted bus system in 1996. Then, in 2001, Paradox introduced an extensive range of wireless systems including the awarded Magellan console. Over the last few years, an extensive PC software department has been implemented, as company resources are shifting more and more towards PC software products supervision.


      Paradox products are distributed in over 100 countries. The R&D team here is continually challenging the ordinary to create products that stand out both technologically and aesthetically. They must be easy to use and provide a superior level of security.

      Our customers are not simply a valued customer, but rather, the very heart of our business. We realize and do not forget that without them this company simply would not exist. Paradox depends not only on the quality of its products, but on building and maintaining a positive relationship with our customers. As Paradox continue to grow, special affords are made to keep our service personalized and close attention to service. For example, we at Paradox will never have voice mail systems answering our callers.

      The R&D team has an important mandate and plays an integral role; create products that are technologically advanced, easy to use and have an attractive design that pushes the envelope. Yes, it can be done! Go beyond expectations, and do it better than what is available out there. Our customers are the best experts when it comes to creating innovative products that best suit the market, and the entire team here is listening to them and is ready to surpass their expectations.


      The sales approach at Paradox is unique in that products are only sold to and through our distributors. This approach ensures the independent role of the distributor, as well our undivided attention towards them. The marketing team is also involved in sales, and is responsible for creating brochures, wall displays and other promotional items to help support our dealers. We are not driven by sales, but by supporting our distributors and dealers with the best service and products.

      With personalized service and innovative technology since 1989, the Paradox team works together with our customers and suppliers to reach our goals!
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Number of readers : 8849