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 QX-5000 Voice E.S :

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Voice Evacuation System


     Mircom’s QX-5000 Series is a multi-channel zoned audio system that allows the operator to selectively page from a central location to any of the system’s audible devices. In addition, the QX-5000 allows for zoned fire fighters’ telephone communication with remote telephone handsets that are permanently installed throughout a building. The QX-5000 Series consists of a card cage/audio motherboard, an audio/ fire alarm interface board, power supply and battery charger which are designed to work with Mircom’s Series 1000 or FX-2000 Fire Alarm Systems. In addition it can be integrated with other compatible fire alarm control panels. All hardware and software is fully supervised for correct and reliable operation. The system has a simple interface to the Fire Alarm Control Panel, and contains its own power supply and battery backup system.

The QX-5000 Series Zoned Audio system requires one QIF-5000A Interface card which provides inputs for the fire alarm panel, the paging microphone and the zone paging module. In addition it provides an audio trouble output. Only one interface card is required per system, and it mounts in the first slot of the QMB5000 Audio Mother Board and Card Cage.

One QIF-5000A will support seven QMB-5000 card cages. Each card cage has space for one interface card and seven QAA style amplifiers, for a maximum of 420 watts per cabinet.

- Single, Dual or Three Channel Operation
- Zone or All-Call selectability (Alert/Evacuation)
- Control of fire management operations
- Zoned fire fighters’ telephones capability
- Provides single or multiple command center (s) for use in emergencies
- Multiple Building Interconnection (Campus Style)
- Microprocessor-based operations with hardware and software Watchdog Timer to ensure system operation
- Operates from 24 VDC backup batteries in the event of a power failure
- Removable terminal blocks for ease of installation and maintenance
- Indication of all required fault conditions
- Speaker circuits are integrated with amplifier circuits
- Multiple amplifier sizes (up to 7 per enclosure)
- Maintains full supervision during battery operation
- 70 Volt System
- Digitized Voice Capability


QMP-5101 Master Paging Control Module

     Each QMB-5000 card cage requires one QPS-5000 Power Supply and QBC-5000 Battery Charger which all mount into a QBB-5001 Audio Cabinet.  The QX-5000 Series Audio System interconnects with the Mircom Fire Alarm Control Panels through a supervised connection. Selective paging is provided through the QMP-5101/QMP-5100A Master Paging Control Module which provides the microphone and common control functions. Zone selection is provided through the QZP-5101/QZP-5102/QZP-5103 Zoned Paging Selector Modules. A total of six QZP style modules can be connected to the QMP-5101/QMP5100A Master Paging Control module. In addition the QX-5000 Series allows for zoned fire fighters’ telephones. The QMT-5302/QMT-5300A Master Fire Fighters’ Telephone Control Module provides the master telephone and common control functions. The QZT-5302 Zoned Fire Fighters’ Telephone Selector Panel allows for 12 zone selector switches and LEDs. A total of six QZT-5302 can be connected to the QMT5300A /QMT-5302 Master Fire Fighters’ Telephone Control Module.


QX-5000 Series Lobby Control Panels

     The QMP-5101 Master Paging Control Module includes the Paging microphone and common control indicators for A.C.-On, Common Trouble, MIC Trouble, MIC Level/Page Enable, Digitized Voice Active, Amplifier Trouble, Circuit Trouble, Remote Failure, Page Inhibit, All-Call, All-Call Minus and Warden Page. The QMP-5101 has control buttons for Audio Selector Reset, Lamp Test, All-Call, All-Call Minus, Microphone PTT and Warden Page. The QMP-5101 allows for all call paging or selective paging with the QZP-5101 Zoned Paging Selector Modules. The QMP-5101 connects to the QIF-5000A Audio Interface Card via the following connections: an RS-485 connection (twisted shielded pair), 24 VDC power, a twisted shielded pair for the microphone interface and a pair of wires for Push To Talk (PTT). The QMP-5101 features a special pre-announce tone for use with Mircom’s SP-Series Silenceable Speakers. The QMP-5101 occupies one module space in the BB-5000 series enclosures.


QMT-5302 Master Firefighters’ Telephone Control Module


     The QMT-5302 includes the Master Telephone Handset and common control indicators for Common Telephone Trouble, Master Telephone Trouble and Incoming Call. The QMT-5302 has control buttons for Lamp Test and either Connect (on common call/talk system) or Clear All (on multi zoned system). The QMT-5302 may be used either alone as a common call/talk system or with the QZT-5302 Zone Selectors as a multi-zoned system. In a common call/talk system, the user will hear a buzzer at the QMT5302. By picking up the handset and selecting the ‘Connect’ button, the user will be able to answer the call. In a multi zoned system, the user must select the appropriate telephone zone on the QZT-5302. If a second call comes in, the appropriate Telephone zone LED will light up. To answer, the user must select the appropriate telephone zone. The QMT5302 will allow up to a maximum of six phones to be answered at a time. The QMT-5302 is powered with a 24 VDC, 200 mA external DC power source (filtered or unfiltered). The master telephone circuit can be wired in Class ‘A’ (Style ‘Z’) or Class ‘B’ (Style ‘Y’). The QMT-5302 occupies one module space in the BB-5000 series enclosures.


QZT-5302 Zoned Firefighters’ Telephone Selector Panel

     The QZT-5302 includes 12 zone selector switches, 12 zone Call-In LEDs (Green) and 12 zone trouble LEDs (Amber). The QZT-5302 is used with the QMT5302/QMT-5300A Master Telephone Control module to provide a multi-zoned system. The telephone circuits can be wired in Class ‘A’ (Style ‘Z’) or Class ‘B’ (Style ‘Y’). A maximum of six QZT-5302 can be connected to the QMT-5302/QMT-5300A. Slide-in labels are provided to label the telephone zones. The QZT-5302 occupies one module space in the BB-1000 or BB-5000 enclosures.



  • Electrical Requirements :
  • Power Input: 120 VAC +10%, -15%, 60 Hz, 12A,
  • (Primary) Power Supply Ratings: 30A ,40V
  • (Secondary) Input Current: 11 Amps Standby Power: 24 VDC Standby batteries
  • Environmental Operating Limits
  • Temperature: 0 to 49 C Humidity: 0 to 95% rh (non-condensing)
  • Audio Backbox Mounting
  • Surface or Semi-flush mounting (Use QBB5001TR Flush Trim Ring)


QIF-5000A Audio/Fire Alarm Interface Card

      The QIF-5000A includes a tone generator with fire alarm input and audio trouble output. In addition, it has a paging MIC input and zone paging multiplex input. The interface module comes equipped with the following tones: Slow Whoop Pulse 20 SPM & 120 SPM and Bell Tone Generator 20 SPM & 120 SPM. Special tones are available upon request. The QIF-5000A will support seven QMB-5000 Audio Motherboard and Card Cages per system and mounts in the first slot of the QMB-5000.


QMB-5000 Audio Motherboard and Card Cage

     The QMB-5000 supports one QIF-5000A Audio Interface Board and 7 QAA style audio amplifiers. In addition, the card cage allows for a backup amplifier  (if required) to be mounted in the last slot. Typically, the QAA-5160A is used as the backup amplifier. The QMB-5000 requires one QPS-5000 Audio Power Supply and one QBC Audio Battery Charger. The QMB-5000 mounts in the QBB-5001 Backbox enclosure.


QBB-5001 Audio Backbox

     The QBB-5001 holds one QMB-5000 Audio Motherboard and Card Cage, one QPS-5000 Audio Power Supply and one QBC-5000 Audio Battery Charger. The QBB-5001 will hold up to 40 Amp/Hr batteries.


QIF-1000 Audio Interconnection Module

     The QIF-1000 Audio Interconnection Module is used to interconnect multiple paging systems together. The QIF-1000 allows for QIF-5000A to QIF-5000A interconnection and is used for campus style “All-Call” Paging. The QIF-1000 allows each interconnected audio system to have zoned paging for the local building and all-call capabilities for each outlying building. The QIF-1000 mounts on top of the QBC-5000.


QIF-2000 Programmable Amplifier Interface Module

     The QIF-2000 Programmable Amplifier Interface Module provides sixteen programmable audio inputs. Each programmable input is a dry normally open contact. The contact inputs are non-supervised and can be configured to any number of amplifiers. The amplifiers can be configured to the alert channel, the evacuation channel or to remain silent. The QIF-2000 mounts on top of the QBC-5000. A maximum of eight QIF-2000 modules can be used per system for a total system capacity of 128 programmable inputs.


QDVP-100 Digitized Voice Programming Tool

QDV-1000 Digitized Voice Module

      The QDVP-100 Digitized Voice Programming Tool The QDV-1000 Digitized Voice Module supports allows for field programming of the QDV-1000 four simultaneous channels of digitized voice: Alert, Digitized Voice Module. Evacuation, manual selection and common voice channel.

The voice channels can be voice only, voice and tone and tone only. One QDV-0001 Digitized Voice Chip is required per channel. The QDV-0001 QDV-0001 Digitized Voice Chip Digitized Voice Chip is field programmable using The QDV-0001 Digitized Voice Chip stores the the QDVP-100 Digitized Voice Programming Tool. channel specific voice or voice/tone message. One In the case that the QDV-1000 fails, the QIF-5000A QDV-0001 is required per voice channel being used. Tone Generator acts as a backup. The QDV-1000 The chip is field programmable via the QDVP-100 includes one factory installed QDV-0001 Digitized Digitized Voice Programming Tool. The QDV-0001 Voice Chip in the Evacuation socket with provisions allows for the storage of approximately 4 minutes to add three adder QDV-0001 chips. The QDV-1000 of audio messaging. Once programmed, the QDV-mounts in the QBB-5001 Audio Backbox on top of 0001 chips plug into the appropriate sockets on the the QBC-5000. QDV-1000 Digitized Voice Module.



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QX-5000 Voice E.S

Number of readers : 6609