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 MG-2000 Graphics :

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- View alarm and emergency instructions in real time

- Color coded alarms

- Easy to update with drag and drop function

- Get customized emergency instructions

- View maps and floor plans with zoom capability

- View complete records and reports



      Mircom’s MG-2000 Graphics Software offers instant access to real-time information about fire, security, and building alarms. It automatically displays every alarm in a single, streamlined interface that’s so intuitive most people can use it without any training. The Graphics Package features simple on-screen prompts that help ensure a quick and efficient response to any emergency.

     The MG-2000 Graphics Software constantly monitors incoming data and immediately alerts the command center of alarm and trouble conditions. In addition it displays second-by second condition reports, automatic maps and floor plans, photos, live video, and customized “Take Action” instructions.

The “Take Action” messages can provide first responders with specific, real-time information about alarms at the site including notes about hazardous materials, vulnerable building occupants, and management contacts.

     The MG-2000 Graphics Software uses color-coded messages to annunciate device information. Alarms and “Take Action” messages are automatically displayed in red, trouble or error messages are displayed in yellow, and information about devices in normal mode are displayed in green.

     The MG-2000 Graphics Software allows the user to locate the device on the map or floor plan. Users can zoom in and out of maps and floor plans to get a closer look at any area that needs attention.

     Mircom’s MG-2000 Graphics Software automatically learns when new devices like smoke detectors and heat detectors are installed. New devices are recognized as a new points in the system and can be easily placed onto the floor plan or map using a simple drag-and-drop function.

     The MG-2000 Graphics Software automatically compiles second-by-second, minute-by-minute reports of alarms and events, exactly as they occur. With these reports and records, the user can reconstruct emergency events after the fact both to verify that the proper steps were taken, and to improve future responses.



Wiring Diagram

     MG-2000 Graphics Software connected to an FX-2000 Fire Alarm Control Panel : RS-232C Interface connection using the supplied Interface Connection Kit MG-2000 Graphics Software FX-2000


PC Specifications

     The MG-2000 Graphics Software is easy to install, and it works with most readily available computers. Here is a handy checklist of the computer features you will need to make maximum use of the Graphics Software:

- Pentium processor (Pentium 4 recommended)

- 128+ MB RAM

- 40 GB hard drive

- COM1 port (One for each control panel or network interface port)

- Sound card with speakers

- SVGA video card with at least 64 MB RAM

- 15-inch VGA monitor (17-inch recommended)

- Microsoft Windows: XP, 2000,  Server 2003 & Vista

- Optional: SQL

- Mouse pointing device

- CD-ROM drive (CD-RW or  Removable USB)

- Ink-jet or Laser Printer



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MG-2000 Graphics

Number of readers : 5546